Essay#3 English Class.

Essay#3 English Class.

Essay #3 Nature vs. Nurture
Peer Review: Wednesday, 3/8
Deadline: Sunday, 3/12
For this module of class we have examined the relationship between nature and nurture in terms of personality and behavioral traits. The purpose of these lessons were to evaluate the relationship between these two ideologies and come to the conclusion about how they can be applied to personality development. As we examine these traits, such as psychopathic behavior, we have looked at several notorious individuals. For this paper your objective will be to examine a chosen criminal individual and review their life story (biography), analyze their biography in terms of the course materials on nature vs. nurture, and come to a conclusion of what may have prompted or caused their psychopathic behavior.
Essay Outline:


Pull the reader in with compelling statement about the person, case, or narrative (not the theses).
2-3 sentences of background about the person, case, or narrative.

Summarize it, be brief because you will elaborate later on in the first body paragraphs

Thesis Statement

What conclusion did you make about this person?

Relationship on nature vs. nurture
Choosing nature over nurture, or vice versa
Specific trigger event
Seeking attention, fame, or something else?

Transition to the first Body Paragraphs

Section One: Nature vs. Nurture and Psychopathic Behaviors

What does Nature Vs. Nurture Mean?

Summarize how it will relate to your person

Not too much, you will analyze later on (2-3 sentences)

What is psychopathy and what are psychopathic and sociopathic traits

Examine and summarize the traits that apply to your subject

Not too much, you will analyze later on(2-3 sentences)

Section Two: Biography

Early Childhood

Birth: When and Where
Family Life and Dynamic
Family and Home Environment
Early Signs of Psychopathic Behaviors

Criminal Adulthood

Life up to the Crimes
The Crimes
The Investigation
The Trial and Conviction
Incarceration, Death Penalty

Section Three: Analysis

Take the elements stated in section one and elaborate by using argumentative evidence and examples the your biography (Section Two)

Nature vs Nurture
Psychopathic or Sociopathic Behavior
FBI Classification of Motives
Your conclusion of the topic

Sympathetic or Ruthless
Could they have been helped?
Punishment deserving?
What have we learned about this case?

Section Four: Conclusion

Restate your main and strongest points about your conclusions on the case
Restate your thesis
Do not bring up new evidence or conclusion ideas

While you Analysis Section may need the most evidence and research, you should be using quotes, statistics, summaries, and paraphrases throughout the entire essay. Focus on what you want to share and tell other about this case and topic and thoroughly analyze the research to come to a conclusion (your thesis statement) about the case. Share this opinion effectively with research.
Essay Requirements:

MLA Formatting

12 Pt., Times New Roman
Header. Page Number/Last Name Heading
Double Spaced

MLA Citations

In-Text Citations
Full Citations on the Works Cited Page


3-4 Instructor Provided Resources
3-4 Student Provided Resources

Reputable News Sources
Academic Videos, Documentaries
Online Databases Found Information
Academic Journals

These are essay instructions. You must follow these steps. At least 1200-1300 words. You can use 1-2 sources of your own resource. Also you must use my sources that’s like 3-4 different source.It’s very important factor for this essay. These are my resources and research folder:

Episode 52: The Checklist (10.7.2016)
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