Essay Exam – Empire Essays

essay 3 pages total of 5 paragraph. analyzing the article (link attached below):…
1- Your job is not to agree or disagree with the essay per see. Your job is to determine if the essay is âwellargued.â
2- using two outside sources plus the assigned article (3 sources total). Include a work cited page
3- Use your sources to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the argument you are analyzing, not thearguments themselves. Soâ¦not âThe original essay says X is wrong, but this essay says itâs right,â but âThe originalessay had few facts supporting its case, but this essay, by so-and-so, uses dozens of facts in the first two pages tobuild an argument that is very difficult to dispute.â
4- Look, in depth, at the appeals (rational/emotional/ethical) that the author uses to make theirarguments. Are they fair, honest, persuasive? Look at the evidence the author uses. Does it come from reputable sources? Is it current? Does it say what they say it says? Is it plentiful enough?

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