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The Portfolio Project is a 6 page research paper (approximately 1,750 words) designed to require you to expand your understanding of Things Fall Apart by combining knowledge and application of content with your own interpretation and judgment. 
Working Thesis: 
Based on your reading of the novel and on our discussion this week on character, craft a working thesis. Again, your thesis may address any character or element of the novel, but as we are focusing on characters this week, work to include specific characters in your thesis. You will revise this thesis throughout the term, so be bold now, and understand that you will revise more as we learn more about the novels and each other in the coming weeks. Please share the thesis statement first, noting any ideas or questions or thoughts you have about the future of the thesis statement. After the thesis, please share your reference page in complete APA format.
Pay particular attention to formatting:Capital letter rules in APA are tricky, so be sure to focus on getting those in place.
A good way to remember the rules:The first word in the title gets capital letters along with any proper nouns like America: And the first word after the colon gets a capital letter.
Here are some formatting guidelines:

First line of each entry must be flush with left-hand margin.
Indent second and subsequent lines of each entry one tab, or five spaces.

Reference Page:

use apa format
Remember to alphabetize the entries, A-Z.
Double-space within and between entries.
Format using hanging indents; see the image below.

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