essay about quot short term and long term plans for a career quot

essay about quot short term and long term plans for a career quot

Its a 3 page essay each question must be answered in a very detailed way. Write things related to Law School.


Short term and long-term plans for a career, and strategies for narrowing the skill gap (3 pages). Set up your paper by listing the letter and then writing your corresponding answer:

a) What are your short-term plans/goals for the next 2 years? Name specifics: For example what courses do you want to take? What skills do you want to sharpen? What kind of internship or volunteer work do you want to do? Work in a research lab? If so, which kind? What (student) organizations or groups would you like to join? What companies would you like to work for? Would it be part-time? Summer work? What types of people do you want to do informational interviews with? Do you want to travel, or do study or work abroad? Attend career fairs, build your network? Take the GRE, MCAT, LSAT, GMAT?

b) What are your long-term plans/goals for the next 10 years? Where do you see yourself working or what do you see yourself doing 10 years down the road? What will it take to get there? Will you join professional organizations? Continue to network? What kind of salary do you want to be making? Does that matter? Is something else more important than a salary? What kind of long-term training do you need? Will you need to go to graduate school? Evaluate not only career goals but also personal goals, keeping in mind your core values.

c) If you haven’t talked about it already, develop an action plan with strategies for narrowing the skill gap between what you want to achieve in your career and where you are right now. Be specific. And do research about the various career paths you’re interested in to know what needs to be done to get a job.


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