ESE697 W2 Charac of Students w Mild Mod Disabilities Evidence-based Strategies D1

Visit Teachnology’s website and select a phonics lesson from the Phonics Lesson Plans page. Analyze the lesson to determine what learning needs exist for a student with a learning disability (LD) in the classroom. Then, using the article from LD Online, “Accommodations for Students with LD,” generate a list of three to five possible accommodations, modifications, or assistive technologies that could be integrated into the lesson for a student with a learning disability. Describe how you would integrate them into the lesson to ensure the student has access to learning, and provide a rationale for each accommodation or modification. Also, note if these accommodations can be used as examples of universal design where all students might benefit. Please be sure to share the link to the lesson plan you reviewed so others have context for the lesson plan you are using.

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