Environmental World History Essay

Paper Topic: You will make an argument and use evidence from 1) the class lecture and 2) reading material to debate whether humans have had a bigger effect on the environment throughout history or whether the environment has had a bigger influence on human development.
Grading Expectations
You will write a 750-word paper (approximately three double-spaced pages)
Should have an overall argument that addresses the question
Present at least three major ideas to organize the paper which draw on material from the lectures and reading assignments
Analyze two primary sources within the three main ideas
Clear structure how you will organize those ideas
Citations are parenthesis with author and page # or my name and my lecture title
(Mevissen Neo Europe); (Marks 18); (McNeill 115)
Evidence/Citation/Counter-Evidence will be graded based on the following criteria:
-MINIMUM of 9 citations:
-5 from lectures
-Weeks 2-3: 1 reference
-Weeks 4-5: 1 reference
-Weeks 6-7: 1 reference
-Weeks 8-9: 1 reference
-Weeks 10-11: 1 reference
-4 from reading material
-3 different Marks chapters (from Chapters 1-6)
-Choose last required citation from: Crosby, Banner, Ross 
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