Environmental Engineering

Please I need help answering this question, Environmental Engineering class. about water treatments.
Your first assignment as an environmental engineer working for the local water board is to decide how to effectively coagulate the following source waters with correct coagulants. What are your suggestions? Explain why…
a. Water from a river with high particle concentration (average turbidity of 16 NTU) and low alkalinity (about 15mg/L as CaCO3). The DOC concentration of the water is very low (1 mg/L). pH of water is 6.
b. Water from the Sierra Nevada Mountains with low particle concentration (average turbidity of 1.5 NTU) and low alkalinity (about 20 mg/L as CaCO3). The DOC level is very low (1.5 mg/L). pH of water is 8.5.The post Environmental Engineering first appeared on The Nursing Tutors.

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