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I would like to have a (Powerpoint+ 3 minutes Handout Word document) of pitching. You DO NOT have to create the ppt yourself, there is a specified template about the pitching (you can find in attached file named “pitch template”) But you need to create the 3 min word handout based on the Powerpoint content.(Please make the language in handout as simple and casual and easy to understand as you can)
The pitching is based on the feasibility report (you can find from the attached file names “feasibility report”). And from the attached files you can also find the sample Powerpoint and sample feasibility report and see how these 2 documents are related. (In the attached file named “sample feasibility report” and “sample ppt“)
There is also a “Pitching Guidelines” in the attached file.

Below is the detailed requirements of the pitching:
A pitch supported by a deck of appropriate and visually engaging slides, and delivered with the prescribed time

Pitching is an established part of business communication, and is used to effectively and efficiently communicate analysis, conclusions and recommendations, to potential and new recruits, teams, unions, managers, directors, governments and NGO. The brief is therefore to deliver a business standard pitch
The ideal standard of pitch would be described as confident, clear, and comprehensive:

Confident is as much as the student is well rehearsed, the student is facing the class and only briefly turning away to indicate some points of each of the slides, and generally maintaining eye contact with everyone in the room.
Clear in as much as the points articulated are relevant, and logical, and sequenced to reflect an appropriate structure of analysis, i.e. Mullins adapted model.
Comprehensive, in as much as the information comprised in the slide deck reflects the structure of the analysis, i.e. Mullins adapted model, and is also comprised on slides that each comprise multiple pieces of information, i.e. tables, graphs, and tools etc, and that the slides are legible and visually stimulating.
The teacher is particularly looking for:

Students who are so well rehearsed they are able to pitch a ‘warm and welcoming’ feeling in the room
Slides backgrounds that apart from graphs and text, are otherwise simple, plain and clear
Fonts used in the pitching deck that are no smaller than 16, and no bigger than 28.

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