enlightenment salon make seating arrangements for 25 enlightenment leaders

This is a graded assignment for AP World History.
The assignement requires knowledge of 25 Enlightenment leaders and their general philosophies:

Denis Diderot, encyclopedist
Voltaire, writer
Mary Wollstonecraft, feminist
Frederick the Great of Prussia, ruler
Maria Theresa of Austria, ruler
Catherine the Great of Russia, ruler
Montesquieu, political thinker
John Wesley, religious reformer
John Locke, political thinker
Thomas Hobbes, political thinker
Joseph II of Austria, ruler
Baron d’Holbach, scientist
Edward Gibbon, historian
Adam Smith, economist
Edmund Burke, political philosopher
Margaret Cavendish, writer
Alexander Pope, poet
Pierre Bayle, spokesman
Baruch Spinoza, philosopher
Marquis de Condorcet, philosopher
David Hume, skeptic
Jeremy Bentham, philosopher
Napoleon Bonaparte, ruler
Thomas Paine, writer
Madame Geoffrin, hostess

They are to sit together around a circular table. The assignment is to place them where they would feel most comfortable (have the same ideas) and then describe what sort of conversations they would have with their neighbors.
I have attached the original assignment.
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