English 124 Synthesis Analysis Essay 4 Prompt

This is a research essay and it is a minimum of 9 pages long, it will be checked for plagiarism by turnitin,com. i will be providing the prompt and essay instruction as long as criteria. i will need a good citation, work cited page and outline please.
English 124 Synthesis Analysis Essay 4 Prompt
For your first paper you will be required to write an essay at least nine pages long using in depth research to craft a persuasive argument. Choose a topic to research to gain a clear understanding of its history, and how the topic has changed over time. Use your outside evidence drawn from articles, news reports, internet sources, documentaries, interview, etc. to education your readers about the subject. Your main objective for this essay is to explain how your range of evidence works to prove a specific point about your subject. How can you interpret and analyze the logical, ethical, and emotional evidence you have to make readers agree with your thesis? How do you want readers to think, discuss, or act differently regarding your topic?
Your essay needs to be clear and unified under your thesis. Make sure to include specific evidence from your outside sources you read, to show how and why your sources support your thesis. Use your own original ideas about your topic in conjunction with your outside evidence to support your thesis. Make sure to review the section in your textbook on proper MLA citation for any quotes or paraphrases you use from your outside source.
A second copy of your final draft must be uploaded and run through the Turnitin program set up within the course blackboard page. If a student doesn’t submit their essay through the system, their essay will not be graded until the professor can first check the turnitin reports. The Turnitin copy must be uploaded the SAME DAY as the final draft is due; otherwise the whole essay will be considered late, and lose points.
Grading Criteria
Successful papers will have:

A developed introductory paragraph, with a clear thesis. Explain what your topic is, and what you will try and prove about your topic. Why is it important to accept your argument? (70 points)
Well-supported, unified body paragraphs with specific examples that reinforce your thesis. Express your original ideas and insight you’ve gained about your topic, to show how and why readers should be persuaded by your argument. (80 points)
Smoothly integrated quotes from at least three outside sources. At least two of your sources must be print sources (articles or books that originated in print form.)

(50 points)

A conclusion that summarizes your main point, and offers a final thought about the value of your argument. What should readers do with the information you’ve given them?

(30 points)

Your paper will also be thoroughly edited for sentence-level errors. If you have any questions on sentence structure or grammar, visit the Writing Center, or see me in my office. (20 points)

Total points: 250

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