english 1030 rhetorical analysis essay

Assignment Sheet: Rhetorical Analysis Essay
The next assignment for your portfolio is the Rhetorical Analysis Essay. We have discussed rhetorical analysis and the three classic appeals.For theassignment, you will analyze a speech or text of your choice and define the roles and effectiveness of the authorâ€s use of the three classic appeals. The text can be a speech, editorial, or any text that has persuasive elements. When you pick a text let me know what it is so I can approve it. Importantly, this is not a position paper, the main purpose is not to offer your opinion. While you can express an opinion on the text, your specific goal is to evaluate the use of Ethos – Logos – Pathos. You should aim for 1500 – 2500 words. The elements for what should be in a rhetorical analysis are on the handout we reviewed. Of course, we will discuss strategies and goals for the paper in class.
Since you are will be working with one text all quotations can be cited by indicating the authorâ€s name and page number in parentheses. Include the source in the bibliography.
Rough draft due on:TBA. Post to portfolio as Analysis/Draft and turn in a hard copy.
Final draft due on: TBA. Post to portfolio as Analysis/Deadline Draft.

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