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Body Paragraphs #4 and #5
After reviewing the feedback about your second and third body paragraphs, and about your concession (if you have one), CONSTRUCT DRAFTS of your next two body (argumentative) paragraphs).
Be sure they meet these criteria:

They are each at least one full typed, double-spaced page in length (Times New Roman 12 point font).
They each begin with clear topic sentences, telling what the paragraphs are about.
They each include one or two linking sentences to connect the topic sentences to the first quotations or paraphrases.
They each incorporate at least 4 quotations or paraphrases, every quotation or paraphrase introduced by author’s name (and credentials, if necessary), each cited by page or paragraph number, and each explained (connected to the topic sentences in some way).
They each end with concluding sentences that sum up the paragraphs (5 points).
They both use correct grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and sentence structure.
They both avoids self-reference, unsupported assertions or opinions, and “filler” (repetitive statements that don’t move the argument forward).

Also submit, via email or by links, COPIES OF or LINKS TO all the sources cited in these paragraphs so I can see them.

Included enough information to support your assertions. The facts and figures you cited do a good job explaining and detailing the different experiences. However, it’s important that you cite at the END of quotations or paraphrases but enclosing the page numbers in parentheses. I would also like to see, as you begin constructing your last few body paragraphs, clearer transitions between ideas. Try to slow down and explain everything fully so that we as readers can understand how your information relates to both the topic sentences and also your thesis. Be sure to introduce your authors before you quote or paraphrase them, even if you’ve just mentioned them. You should include their full names and credentials if you haven’t mentioned them before. Simplify and shorten your sentences, and work on using punctuation like colons to introduce your quoted material. Proofread, too, for spelling, capitalization, and punctuation!

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