engl 110 writing counterargument and rebuttal paragraphs 1

engl 110 writing counterargument and rebuttal paragraphs 1

Please see example at the bottom, its not as hard as this makes it seem.
Week 6 Forum
Forum Objective: Students learn how to write a counterargument/rebuttal paragraph for the Week 7 Analysis Paper. Students learn to analyze both sides of an issue.
If you want to know which citation style to use with your major, consult The APUS Library Style Guide for Majors.
Read the Week 6 Overview to learn more about how to write your Week 7 Analysis paper and how to write your Counterargument and Rebuttal paragraph.
Week 6 Forum:
Initial post–Post your thesis statement in bold, then post your counterargument and rebuttal paragraph for your Week 7 Analysis paper. Take a look at this counterargument and rebuttal Power Point.
Student replies–Peer review each other’s counterargument and rebuttal paragraphs.
For the Week 5 Position paper, we learned the 5 paragraph essay structure:
Thesis: McDonalds serves nutritious foods because Reason1, Reason 2 and Reason 3.
Para 2: Reason 1
Para 3: Reason 2
Para 4: Reason 3
Para 5: Conclusion
Now for your Week 7 paper, you will add a counterargument/rebuttal paragraph. In the Week 6 Forum, post your counterargument/rebuttal paragraph.
Week 7 Analysis Paper
Thesis: McDonalds serves nutritious foods because Reason1, Reason 2 and Reason 3.
Para 2: Reason 1
Para 3:Reason 2
Para 4: Reason 3
Para 5: Counterargument paragraph
Para 6: Rebuttal paragraph
Para 7: Conclusion
For the Week 7 Analysis paper, we will use the same 5 paragraph essay structure, but we will add a counterargument/rebuttal paragraph so that students learn how to argue both sides of an argument.
In your initial post, post in bold letters your thesis statement (main idea) for your Week 7 Analysis paper. (You cannot use the same topic as your Week 5 Position paper. You need to use a completely different topic for your Week 7 Analysis paper)
Sample Week 6 Initial Student post:
Thesis (Your argument): McDonalds food is good for one’s health because McDonalds serves fish sandwiches, chicken sandwiches and nutritious salads.
Counterargument paragraph (state what the other side thinks)
McDonalds serves unhealthy food because McDonalds main sales are high calorie drinks, and fatty hamburgers and oily French fries. Only a small minority of total McDonald sales are the healthy foods it sells such as salads and fish sandwiches. In addition, McDonald hamburgers are 1,000 calories per serving….
Rebuttal paragraph
It may be true that McDonalds sells unhealthy hamburgers, however, McDonald salads contain lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, and other healthy ingredients. Leafy green vegetables have antioxidants that help fight inflammation, heart disease and cancer. Eating McDonalds salads are good for one’s health….….(now to back to your original argument that McDonalds sells healthy food.)
Student Replies
After you post your initial post, peer review each other’s papers.

Does the thesis have three reasons?
Do the counterargument and rebuttal paragraphs make sense?
Was the writer able to rebut his argument point by point?
What are the weaknesses or strengths of the other students’ paragraphs?
Did he/she make any grammar mistakes?

Other suggestions for Student replies
Additional Reading Question for discussion in this forum from your Week 6 Reading:

In whatever major you are in, why is it important to study common patterns and trends? What is the importance of analysis at your workplace? in your life? in your major?
Instructions: Please respond to the initial postings of at least two (2) other students and manage your personal discussion thread. Ask questions of each other and return frequently to extend the dialogue. Be sure to answer questions your instructor presents to you. Expect your instructor to post questions about the reading material, lesson material, and your experience.

Forum Guidance:
Make your initial posts to the Forum by 11:55pm ET, Thursday.
During the week, read the messages posted by your instructor and classmates and join the discussion. Your instructor may ask questions, provide explanations, and include links to other resources.
Please respond to at least 2 classmates, and in your response posts, try to bring together pieces of the discussion and take those ideas further. You are also expected to reply to anyone who responds to your initial post
Week 6 Forum Checklist
[ [Forum Rubric] ]

Thesis – Pornography is very dangerous and sometimes serious for anyone involved, through supply and demand, less compassion and expectations you may not even know you are participating in some sort of human sex trafficking.
Para 2: Supply and Demand
Para 3: Less Compassion for Victims
Para 4: Expectations
Para 5: Counterargument paragraph – Some people believe that pornography is not linked to human trafficking. It is easy for people to assume that it is but a lot of pornography is consensual and not a form of human trafficking or even linked to it. There are famous women like Pamela Anderson, Jenna Jameson, and Anna Nicole Smith who legitimately enjoyed what they were doing and became famous and got paid for what they were doing. There are magazines and franchises like play boy that pay these beautiful women to show off their bodies and they are not coerced into doing these acts. it is among their own free will.
Para 6: Rebuttal Paragraph – Im not saying that every single pornographic material out there is connected to the sex trade because there is legitimate sites but i am saying there is a great number of sites and links that are connected to the sex trade. Not everything is always as we see it to be. There are things that are very real in this world that no one ever thinks about like the dark web but that is where a lot of these horrible things happen. We as humans and americans constantly try to block the bad things out and refuse to see things like links to pornography and sex trafficking. We are very numb to the truths of the world and we think these are things that only happen in foreign countries.
Para 7: Conclusion
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