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i need help with this assignment…Numerous cultures around the world have flood myths. You will be reading and comparing three flood myths: Mesopotamian, Greco-Roman and Hebrew.Make sure in completing this assignment that you answer the questions completely and include specific references to the text to support your thoughts. This is an informal writing assignment but college-level writing is still expected. This means writing in complete sentences and avoiding text-speak. Your response should be between one and two pages.After reading the myths, discuss the similarities and differences between the myths. In addressing this you should look at the reasons for the flood in each story, how long the flood lasted, and how mankind was saved in each instance.In the Greco-Roman myth, what do you suppose the significant of the bones of the mother being stones is? (In answering this don’t paraphrase the story; I want to know what you think it means.)Do you think that so many cultures having a flood myth means that mankind was almost destroyed by a flood? Why or why not?(You might have to copy and paste the links into an address bar.) Follow this link to the story of the Mesopotamian flood as told in the Epic of Gilgamesh: (Read pages 20 and 21) (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.Follow this link to the story of the Greco-Roman flood: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.Follow this link to the Hebrew story of the flood as told in Genesis: (Links to an external site.)FLOOD MYTHS Flood MythsStudent’s nameLecturer’s nameCourse titleDate of submission 1 FLOOD MYTHSFlood MythsThe story of Greco-Roman flood presents a man recognized as Deucalion, the son…
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