ENG1100 South University An Ideal Bedroom Narrative Essay

Final Draft of Narrative Essay
Final Draft Directions: Reflect on the feedback your instructor shared with you on the Week 1 Project rough draft and revise your essay. Edit for APA-style formatting, and proofread carefully for spelling, grammar, and mechanics. Make sure to also consider the suggestions you received from the Smarthinking tutor if you submitted the essay to them back in Week 1.
This handout will explain the details of formatting your essay using APA style. You may create your essay with this APA-formatted template.
Nicely done, Hope. I enjoyed reading your essay on your favorite place. I learned a lot and include some important and informative details about this place. I want to see you add focus to your essay by creating a thesis statement in your introduction that lets us know what you will be trying to convince us of about this place and three ways you will do the job.
Then the details of your body paragraphs should support that thesis. Here is a wonderful video that many students have reported helped them do the job. Let me know if you have questions. All the best.

MY Home within a Home
The bedroom is a personal space and peaceful haven ideal for rejuvenation at the end of the day. It should be “a home within a home,” and different from other parts of the house. Even when the latter is a little messy, the former should be neat and tidy to calm a busy mind. Although the bedroom should be everyone’s home within a home because it is where we spend most of our time unwinding after an eventful day and where we let go and float away from our daily troubles, it should be functional.
A good mattress that gives the necessary body support is ideal for a good night’s sleep while a side chair allows relaxed lounging before getting ready for bed. For book lovers like me who love to linger with a great book before bed, a cozy sheltering bed frame is calming and perfect. Sheets, blankets, and comforters that are snuggly, soft to the skin and in soft tones calm the mind when one slides into them after a long day and provide a good amount of warmth. Pillows favor our sleeping positions, create a relaxed yet inspiring mood, and when in warm-colored pillow cases and complemented with a lavender essential oil warmer, a refreshing mood is instantly created. Soft lighting is soothing in this space and the bedside surface should hold essentials that come in handy during the night or morning. A window treatment that lets a little relaxing moon light stream in complements this haven’s design while a soft fluffy rug makes all the difference when it greets us every morning when we step out of bed.
In conclusion, the bedroom should achieve a high level of tranquility at all times. This involves combining functionality, beauty, and design resulting in an elegant home within a home. Considering that it is where we spend most of our time after an eventful day at work, making it luxurious, comforting, and peaceful should be the goal.

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