eng 106 select one of the following types of texts to write …

Following our reading of “Applying a Reading as a Lens” and Hanne Blankâ€s “The Love That Could Not Speak Its Name,” you will have the opportunity to use Blankâ€s work as a lens through which to analyze one pop culture primary text of your choice. Your goal for this project is to discuss how Blankâ€s ideas foster a deeper understanding of the primary text, and how, in turn, the primary text allows you to rework Blankâ€s original idea.
Select one of the following types of texts to write about:
TV show (Min: 1 episode; Max: 1 season)
Art installation
Print ad
Video game
Short story
Music video
Visual art
Try to pick something that is not an exact replication of Blankâ€s ideas or area of study. Blankâ€s work on naming, sexuality, gender, science, and law, can be used to think about many different forms of life, identity, and socialization. You will learn the most about these ideas by applying them to something new, rather than to the subject matter that Blank has already studied and written about.
You should apply one of Blankâ€s theories to your reading of your text with the goal of developing a deeper understanding of both. You will not need any outside sources. As a working strategy, you should outline the theory or theories you intend to use from Blank, as well as your initial analysis of the text you have chosen; this approach will help you summarize and analyze both texts as you work with them for this paper.
Work closely with the texts as you have done with your previous paper and written responses, using the texts as evidence to support your claims and as material for further analysis. This paper is not a matching exercise in which you seek out only those instances in which the lens fits easily with the story. While you can elaborate on these instances, you should not ignore the moments that provide contradiction–seek out differences. Feel free to challenge the limitations of Blankâ€s concepts or take them in a new direction as you use them to think about a new text.
• 5-7 full pages
• MLA format
• 12 pt. Times New Roman Font
• Double spaced
• Essay due: 4/1
• Revisions: 4/10
Both your first and revised drafts must include a Works Cited, on a separate page, for full credit.
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