Energy Management

The Technology module assesses your ability to
apply the EBM approach to understanding information technology systems and
their management. The course learning outcomes for this module are all addressed
by both assignments and the exam, with different emphases.

Assignment 1, completed individually, focuses on the
earlier parts of EBM. Its objective is to show that you understand general
technology principles by applying them to a specific topic, critically researching
the literature on that topic and presenting a coherent multi-faceted analysis
of it. Assignment 2, completed in a team with other students, focusses on the later
parts of EBM. Its objective is to demonstrate the application of your technology
understanding to evaluate a specific case study. You should work on both
assignments in parallel as they are mutually supportive.

The assessment items have been
designed to allow you to acquire and use the concepts in the course as a way to
better understand your world and to act in it in a more knowledgeable and
responsible manner.

The Assignment: 

The Technology Topic Paper will
present your individual examination of a current topic in information systems
and technology. The paper will be well grounded in the concepts discussed in
the Technology module and in the academic literature. The paper will use the Kangaroo
Island case study to demonstrate the practical impact of the topic.  Each
member of your team for Assignment 2 will examine a different topic for
Assignment 1. The technology topics are:




of Things


topic approved by the lecturer
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