Describe one potential challenge of developing a campaign for your public health issue and explain one way you might address the challenge.
August 20, 2018
Leadership Implications:examine how you can execute positive social change in your state for salient advanced practice nursing issues.
August 20, 2018

Emerging Standards of Care Paper

Review emerging standards of culturally competent care. Here are possible resources to use:

DHHS Office of Minority Health

National Center for Cultural Competence


Annie E. Casey Foundation

Write a 2,800- to 3,500-word paper that explores the following topics in your workplace or a setting that you select for this discussion:

Define culturally competent care appropriate for your own workplace, based on your perusal of the assigned readings.

Identify the populations served and any issues of population vulnerability.

Comment on standards of cultural competence that appear to be met and any that are not met.

Identify how delivery of nursing care could be affected where standards are being met and where they are not being met.


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