“Embracing a Vision of Social Justice in Early Childhood Edu…

“Embracing a Vision of Social Justice in Early Childhood Edu…

Initial Post: To complete the Whole Teacher matrix, include each of the following components:

Column 1: Choose eight tips from the “Tips for Teachers” provided in figure 1.1, page 9 of your course text. The tips you choose should hold meaning to you and in your work with children.
Column 2: Reflect on ways in which you can uphold the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct (Links to an external site.) for each teaching tip. You are required to reference and cite from the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct for each section of this column.
Column 3: Explain specific strategies you can utilize to incorporate social justice into each of the teaching tips you chose in the first column. To help you organize your thoughts for this column, review the article, “Embracing a Vision of Social Justice in Early Childhood Education (Links to an external site.).”
Column 4: Organize the five suggested priorities (Just the topic) from Chapter 16 of the course text with each of the teaching tips you chose that they correlate with. Note that some priorities will fit into more than one category.
Summation: In a paragraph, summarize how you will use this matrix to develop your philosophy of education statement and why it is important to have a well-written philosophy of education statement.

 The matrix is simply a way of organizing your thoughts, values and knowledge when it comes to working with children. For this section, you will state how you plan to use your newly organized thoughts in the creation of or modification of your personal philosophy. Then, based on previous knowledge regarding philosophy, tell why it is important that you create a well-developed philosophy statement.  Mention some possible benefits of a successful philosophy statement.

Figure 1.1 and the five suggested priorities have been attached. Thank you so much!
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