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Write 1 page thesis on the topic mechanical engineering at nanyang technology university. The desire to become an aeronautical engineer is, therefore, my main motivation for choosing to study mechanical engineering because I shall be able to specialize in aeronautical engineering in my final year of study. Mentorship from my uncle is another reason for my course selection. He has a great passion for his profession and tells me that the scope of aeronautical engineering is interesting and therefore motivational. This means that aeronautical engineers are able to derive utility from their job and this reduces chances of career mobility at later stages of life that can have its disadvantages such as difficulties in self-establishment and development in the new career. My subjects selection at the CBSE level of study and the level of competence that I have developed in mathematics and physics are other reasons for my choice of mechanical engineering because I am confident of the potential to succeed in the course that requires physics and mathematics knowledge as a prerequisite. In addition, I have developed a personal interest in aeronautical engineering and I do enjoy flights and spending time at airports, watching aeronautical engineers in the hanger. I also prefer Nanyang Technical University because it is an established institution with reputable facilities and academic staff. Interaction with my uncle, an aeronautical engineer, long-term passion in the scope of mechanical engineering, the proper subject selection at the CBSE syllabus, and passion for aeronautical engineering is my motivation into the cause. I am confident that they will motivate my success in the course.
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