economics term paper 6 – Graduate Paper Help

Students must prepare a three to four page typewritten double-spaced paper on a current macroeconomic topic that is pertinent to class material. This can be chosen from the textbook, newspapers, magazines, or current economics periodicals.

Students will be expected to analyze and evaluate the issue or topic and provide recommendations. Here are some sample topics:

– The impact of drug legalization on the economy
– Using economics, how would you fix the homeless problem in California?
– Is the bullet train viable in California?
– How do interest rates affect consumers and their purchasing patterns
– How could the “Great Recession” have been prevented?
– Countries that do not believe in comparative advantage
– How could the Federal Government reduce the national debt?
– If you were the President of the U.S. what would you do to improve the economy?
– Which presidential candidate will have the most profound impact on the economy?

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