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1.Read Ch. 1 of Ethics: Theory and Contemporary Issues (8th ed.) located in week 1
How would you apply ethical philosophies and principles that summarize what you perceive to be the top five ethical issues challenging health care delivery today? (Answer question between 150-200 words)
2.(Respond back to post between 150-200 words)The top 5 ethical issues I would address is access to health care for one because many people who don’t have or cannot afford heal;th insurance bare the burden of greater health care issues and cost. I think all should have an avenue to receive health care in spite of their social status or level. The next issue would be quality of care and safety for patients. There was a point long ago in my life and my parents lives where the quality of care was absolutely horrible and poor to say the least. Clean facilities and adequately trained personnel was lacking and is still is a problem today. Pain management is another issue as so many patients complain about pain issues and doctors doing little to control pain. However in some cases compliance is a problem yet the goal is relief for continued good health. Patient satisfaction is another issue as I have been in the hospital several times and have questionable concerns with what these facilities offer patience from emergency room wait times, to triage, to admission and discharge. A lot has to do with bed side manner and overall concern for the patience needs while in the facilities. Last of the top 5 in my view is privacy issues in keeping patient information out of the hands of those whom do not have direct access to it. This was a big problem at the hospital I worked at in California as anytime anyone was admitted that worked in the hospital, the whole hospital new about it as well as VIP’s admitted. Sharing information with outside sources cannot be tolerated and the safety of the patient is at risk as well.
3.(Read article and write your thoughts 150-200 words)http://ccn.aacnjournals.org/content/23/5/72.full
4.(Read Ch. 2 of Medical Law and Ethics (5th ed.). located in week 1 and write your thoughts 150-200 words)
5. (Resond back to post and answer questions 100-150 words) Read Ch. 1 of Medical Law and Ethics (5th ed.) This was a case presented in the begging of the chapter and I wanted to see what others thought. If interested, please view the case on page 1. 1. Do you believe that this case presents a legal or an ethical problem or both?
2. In your opinion, is anyone at fault for Jeanette’s death?
3. Is the physician at fault? Is anyone on the physician’s staff at fault?
4. What could have been done to prevent this problem?

6. (Respond back to post between 100-150 words) Though the patient is 80 years and she made the first call to her primary physician; does anyone feel that Jeanette played a role in her death? The reason I ask this is because once she realize that nobody called her within the next few minutes or her breathing was worst, why didn’t she call 911?
In my opinion I feel the receptionist 90% wrong, flu shots aren’t that important next to an elderly woman that can’t breathe. I always tell people when dealing with patients you have to think that one day one of your family members, friends, or self can be in that position. So take care of a patient the way you want your family, friend or yourself to be treated.
7. (Respond back to post 100-150 words) Do you believe that this case presents a legal or an ethical problem or both? I think both. Any time an 80 year old patient calls and says they are having shortness of breath, that is an emergency. The receptionist should have placed the patient on hold and interrupted the physician. I do not believe that anyone is at fault because, the patient could have still passed even if she had gotten medical attention earlier. I do not believe that the physician is at fault because, the physician’s staff are the ones that the patients community with first. I believe that it is up to the staff to be able to determine when a patients call needs attention right then and there.
I think what the receptionist should have done, was to place the patient on hold and interrupted the physician to let her know what was going on with her patient. The receptionist could have also told the patient to hold on she was going to call 911 for her so that she could be taking to the emergency room.
Working in a medical practice, you should be able to decipher and know when a patients call is an emergency. Medical staff have a responsibility to the patients that they services. You have to know what’s right.

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