Does the Bible?at times?condone or condemn evil practices (r…

Does the Bible?at times?condone or condemn evil practices (racism, conquest, intolerance)? Make an argument for one side or the other, but entertain objections. This might be a trick question; you can comment and critique the question as well!
Parameters: Page margins should be no more than 1 inch around. Font should be either Times New Roman, Georgia, or Garamond 12 point font.Citation: You are going to be working mostly with Biblical texts, and drawing on readings. Please cite Biblical texts this way: [Book of Bible: Chapter: Verse(s)] example: Exodus 1:4-6 means Book of Exodus, Chapter 1, verses four through six.Checklist: Please provide the following items? Name, Assignment, Class somewhere near the top? A Catchy Title that invites your reader in? Your paper might begin with some drama ? some tension or problem that the paper willillustrate and, ideally, work out.? A clear thesis?that is, an organizing principle?to your short essay? Your prose should be aimed at a general reader? Please turn in essay as double spaced? Font should be Times New Roman, Garamond, or Georgia, and in 12 pointHave a title, name, assignment date? Have a clear organizing principle (i.e. a thesis, a theme)? Open with a short account, scene, or story from the material (possibly the films orimages we viewed in class) to draw the reader in? Have something like an argument, or clear explication, with reasons and/or examples? Cite/quote course materials, using inline attribution? Be written for a general audience, not me, who isnt familiar with the course material.Your writing should be clear to anyone who might pick it up and read Plagiarism Free Papers
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