dod leader development programs

Overview of the Program: Defense Civilian Emerging Leader Program (DCELP)
The (DCELP), sponsored by the Office of Secretary of Defense, is designed to develop the next generation of innovative leaders with the technical competence to meet the future needs of the Department of Defense. This DoD program fills a critical need by enabling the Department to focus on leader development at the entry level for the civilian workforce. Leadership development at this level establishes a baseline for further growth and development for the participant, as leader responsibilities increase.
Statement of Interest for DoD Leader Development Program:
The Statement of Interest should not repeat information in the resume, information sheet, or other supplemental materials required for specified program. Rather, it should focus on why you should be selected as participant in the specified DoD Leader Development Program. Address, in 500 words, the following:
-What you consider to be your major strengths and qualifications for the program
-The contributions you will add/ bring to the program
-How attending the program fits into your professional career development plan
-The return on investment to your component/ organization and to the Department of Defense
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