DNA amp; Genes The purpose of this lab is to assist you in l…

Hi. I tried to follow the instructions on the virtual lab in the link given in the picture I attached. I am not able to figure out how to do the sequences correctly by following the mutation rules. For example, the mutation rule that says “delete the 2nd C,” the mutated sequence was given, but not the original sequence. So, I did the original sequence the same as the mutated sequence, but I just removed the 2nd C, so there was a gap there. I put the same amino acids, too. However, whenever I click on “check” it says I am wrong every time. I am not able to figure out how to do the lab correctly. Can you please help me? Thank you.
DNA & GenesThe purpose of this lab is to assist you in learning and understanding how alterations to the geneticSEQUENCE Can have various , and sometimes detrimental , Effects . The changes in this lab will occurthrough the MANA ( not the original DNA SEQUENCE ) .You will go to the following website :"http: / / www~ _ mhhE _ com / bios [i /{Enbio / virtual labs / EL ZEXEL ZE. htmlYou will follow the instructions and work through the simulated mutations as instructed in the lab . AfterEach attempt , You will need to " reset " before you " mutate " again ."You need to perform the mutationsuntil you have worked through all the scenarios in the table below . Record the results in the table luse*another color font for your answers ) _ In this lab , you are only accounting for the changed MANIASEQUENCE and translating to the correct amino acid ( you are not transcribing ! _ONCE You have completed the lab activity and the table , You will answer the remaining journal questionsbelow . Please answer all questions in another color font .Save your file as . doc or . dock and upload it into Efamous in the proper lab section for grading . DO NOTcopy and paste it into the text box on FrameLIEHow ManyAminoAcidsAttemptMutation RulesChanFELTType of Mutation "insert A in front of 4th [2the Eth U becomes an Athe Ath A BECOMES &[4Insert U in front of the and Athe and U becomes an A4insert A in front of the End Gdelete the and [insert U in front of the End LIthe and A BECOMES a [10the 5 th [ becomes all11insert A in front of the Ath G

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