In a double blind experiment, long term pain care patients
June 21, 2017
Create a research proposal on hospital management
June 21, 2017

Distinguishing Science and Pseudoscience

Distinguishing Science and Pseudoscience
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· “Identifying Truth or Fiction” Please respond to the following:
· The video clip ‘The Baloney Detection Kit’ in the Webtext this week discusses the many ways in which an effective critical thinker assesses the claims made by
1. Explain what you believe is the real difference between ‘science’ and ‘pseudoscience’.
2. Examine the key reasons why so many people might seem to be attracted to more pseudoscience-type claims.
3. Describe at least two (2) such claims that you have heard people make, and analyze the main reasons why such claims do or do not meet rigorous scientific
methodology standards.
4. Determine at least two (2) ways in which the material discussed this week has changed your own thinking.
Please use the question/answer method


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