Discussuion 2 exceptionalities | Education homework help

TITLE:   Assessment and Data-Based Decision Making
This assignment fulfills/supports:Module Outcome:   Recognize the increasing diversity of the student population reflected in special education. Course Outcome:  Emphasis is placed on the characteristics of exceptionalities and delays, early intervention/special education, transitions, observation General Education Competency:  You will have to use critical thinking to analyze problems and make logical decisions. . 
Resources You will use the resources that are in the Reading assignment and any other outside resources you would like to use that will support your response to the prompt and responses to your peers.
SpecificationsPost your opening response to the question early in the assignment period (at least by Friday night of the module week) so that others have time to respond to you.
A thoughtful opening response will consider content, resources shared, and appropriateness to the content matter.
The Prompt: Respond to the following discussion question for this module. In 5-7 sentences discuss how assessing students will help teachers when determining annual yearly progress. Respond to two of your fellow classmates.

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