Discussion Response: Life outside our planet.

Student 1 (C-R)

The question posed is, can there be life outside our planet? Meaning, is it possible that there are places or organisms capable of living outside of our planet. There is thick ice on one of Jupiter’s moons called Europa that scientists want to explore because there is a liquid ocean underneath, that may harbor life. Liquid can support the formation of organic life. https://youtu.be/JEU3ppMIziI. Tardigrades are fascinating creatures. These microscopic organisms are resilient creatures. “They are generally known for the ability to withstand extreme environmental changes that other organisms could not (temperature, salinity, pressure, etc.), so they are classified as extremophile organisms. When unfavourable conditions appear in their environment, tardigrades are able to enter into a state of cryptobiosis, in which their metabolism is temporarily suspended and their body is compacted like a barrel “(Deustua 1). This neat trick allows them to expel most of the water from their bodies and go into a dormant state where they don’t age. Just think, if humans were able to use this trait. There actually may be some tardigrades living on the moon right now. An israeli spacecraft carrying tardigrades crash-landed on the moon this past April. When the question of life is proposed, many people just assume that it relates to organic life. It is possible that life outside of our planet, alien life, may be of a different construct and formation through which life carries out its structure. We have discovered and continue to discover planets that qualify as potentially life friendly. Meaning they may be capable of hosting life as we know it. Lastly, the Universe is huge and it continues to grow, meaning that our chances of there being life outside our planet continues to grow.

Deustua, S. “A sustainable culture of tardigrades (Hypsibius dujardini for astrobiological activities.” EPJ Web of Conferences 2019, pg 1.

Student 2 (J-V)

The question of life being elsewhere other than Earth has been one argued by many for years. I think there is life somewhere else. The main reason I think this is possible is because of the similarities in planets when compared to earth. I Do not necessarily think there are more humans living elsewhere, but there are other living organisms. The structure on other planets is too similar to not have anything on them. The living organisms adapt to where and how they live, just as we do here. One interesting thing I had read up on was Sara Seager, an MIT physics professor, was that she wanted to consider all possibilities of life forms. All potential gas molecules were being looked at to hint for possible life forms on planets. This was being studied because of our lack of knowledge when it comes to knowing life forms on other planets. I am more than sure things have been discovered, but have not been released to the public. Not just anyone is allowed to adventure the galaxy we live in, therefore to the majority of us this information will continue to be unknown.
“How Do We Find Life? | What Is an Exoplanet? – Exoplanet Exploration: Planets Beyond Our Solar System.” NASA, NASA, 24 June 2019, https://exoplanets.nasa.gov/what-is-an-exoplanet/how-do-we-find-life/.

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