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Please write a 120 word reply to the following discussion answer.

At my place of internship, we offer lash services such as eyelash extensions of the highest quality. The key benefit that customers get from this service is customized professional service from a very knowledgeable eyelash technician. The owner has been trained in both Europe and the US, specializing in eyelash extensions and also build custom lashes depending on clients’ needs and eye shapes. The fact that many customers are regulars and come back shows just how much trust they have in her knowledge and customization.
There are so many people out there that offer eyelash extensions. But unlike many other services, she operates the salon by herself. She does not rent a chair from someone else and brings in clients to try and make money, and she solely does it because she enjoys it. And she believes she has the best customers in LA. Yes, there is also the business side of it, but her main focus is not to become rich and expand and become this large eyelash extension salon. Therefore, I think consumers thing her salon is superior in customer relations while being an industry specialist.
I would not be concerned about Dermacilias position in the eyelash industry. While the owner has her regular customers, she also believes that there is plenty of people in Los Angeles for others to be able to make it as an eyelash artist as well. She embraces that others should be able to do what she is doing, while herself being successful. Dermacilia has only been the stepping stone into starting other ventures.

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