discussion questions 669

discussion questions 669

Respond in 175 words
Share a story or create a scenario where the incorrect leadership theory was used. Discuss how the situation could have turned out differently if another style was considered.


respond in 100 words

Hello Class,
When I was a General Manager in Healthcare, one of my care center managers consistently used a Laissez-Faire leadership style. The manager stay at the desk most of the night watching the board with out giving direction to the Providers, Nurses, PCT’s, or front desk staff. This was particularly bad when the center experienced a higher volume of patients. This type of management style led to high wait times, walk outs, and patient complaints.
In the healthcare industry it is very important to utilize a participant leadership style. This is very important because patient engagement is a must. To be successful and provide superior patient care, you must interact with the patients. I find this extremely critical when wait times are longer than normal. A simple knock on the door, introducing yourself, asking if you can get them anything, and keeping them up to speed on the wait time. You may not think about it but it goes along way.


Respond in 100 words

Hello Class,
As a current supervisor, I like using the Transactional style of leadership. By this I mean rewarding my workers for jobs well done. I find that this style works well in my current role. Sometimes, for example, I have given a paid day off for not missing any days work in a certain amount of time. Everyone who had perfect attendance got their names put in a hat and one name was chosen as the winner. This served two purposes for me in the long run. One is people started showing up every day instead of missing work, and the other is they saw that there was a prize at the end of the time period.
I have found out that this works well for me and my employee’s when they are able to see that they can get something by putting in the extra effort at work. One of the best gifts I have gave them is cooking BBQ Pork Butts and sharing with them on certain times of the year to show my appreciation for their dedication and hard work. Who doesn’t enjoy free food? My employee’s attendance has increased drastically since I took over the job. I get better work performances and people enjoy working for me. I would say everything is working using Transactional Leadership here.

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