discussion post 01

Resources post in attached file, 3 videos and 2 readings, also need to find some outside resources online related to these materials. word count at least 600.
For response posts, you need to respond to a different critical thought post each week. Similar to the above information on critical thought posts, your response posts should be a well-composed response and reaction. The purpose and goal of your response is to extend your classmates†thinking, to expand your classmates†knowledge or understanding, to add to your classmateâ€s thoughts and analyses, to incorporate the new material we learn since the last discussion week, to address questions and offer perspective. In other words, it is about adding to the learning of your classmates and the class in general, and engaging in discussion. You will be graded on the quality of a review of new course material that relates to the discussion post, the inclusion of an answer to the questions asked, and the inclusion of a couple new questions to encourage continued discussion, the quality of those answers/questions, the inclusion of outside material (e.g. from other classes, from peer-reviewed journals, from life experience), how you made and the quality of the connections between lectures and readings, the illustration of critical thinking skills, and the inclusion of (proper) references and citations.
This is not a random internet blog site. This is not the place to insult or make fun of people even though you are friends. Please keep Netiquette in mind. I have a zero tolerance policy for disrespect and hate-speech.
Discussion board reminders:
Posted here is your voice. Posted here are the voices of students enrolled in Human Growth and Development. Please let each voice be heard. I encourage you to read through all critical thought posts within your assigned group, given that these are created by your peers for you specifically to read. You can always use the “like” button which is available in our Discussion Boards. Also, in order to see any post for the start of our Discussion board, you must first post yourself. This will challenge you to create your own unique critical thought post.
Discussion board grading rubric:
Here is a basic rubric for how we are grading each post. Please also consult the rubric provided in the syllabus:
Discussion was posted – 3 (note: late posts are not graded unless there is an approved UO accommodation)
Quality of review (see syllabus rubric)- 2
Questions (or answers) to engage others in a discussion- 1
Quality of those questions/answers- 1
Inclusion of outside material- 2
Connections between the lectures and the readings- 2
Critical thinking- 2
Inclusion of and accuracy of references and citations- 2
video 1:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h72Z7KwjwtQ&feature=youtu.be
video 2:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hm_M-ZrzdzI&feature=youtu.be
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