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Minimum Requirements: each reply to a peer should be 200-300 words. All post should reflect critical thinking, and quality writing – be polite and respectful in all posts.
there are two pesrson post and I need to reply both of them. i have to reply their post on discussion board. please send me an answer separately like,
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Person 1 Discussion board.
1. what is the most important aspect of ethics in research?
Research ethics is the responsibility of the researcher, to be honest, and respectful to all human participants and nonhuman subjects, most importantly must abide by all the relevant ethical guidelines when conducting research (Gravetter & Forzano, 2019). The most important aspects of ethics in research also includes: it promotes a proper collaboration with participants and among researchers, it held researchers to be accountable for their action, it creates trust with participants, it promotes important social and moral values, it helps to protect human and animal rights, and it prohibits against fraud and plagiarism. The following principles and code of conduct are also important aspects of ethics. These are, no harm to participants, animal care, privacy and confidentially, institutional approval, competence, record keeping, informed consent to research, dispensing with informed consent, offering inducement for research participation, and debriefing (Gravetter & Forzano, 2019). Thus, we can say that ethics enables participants to leave the study feeling just as well as when they entered.
2. provide a current event/news story that research participants is a key element.
Currently, the coronavirus pandemic is killing several people throughout the world. Researchers are trying to find a vaccine for the virus using different techniques. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and Moderna are conducting their first vaccine test on 45 individuals (Devlin, 2020). In this study, research participants are the key elements of conducting the analysis. The participants volunteered healthy individuals from Seattle-area between the age of 18 to 45 (Devlin, 2020). The NIAID said that this is the initial stage with a small set of participants, so the goal is to see the concerning side effects before setting larger trials. The goal of a research is to examine a sample and then generalize the result to the population (Gravetter & Forzano, 2019). Thus, we need to be careful about the sample selection process every stage of the project. Furthermore, we need to follow the research ethics code of conduct in the process.
Person 2 Discussion Board.
1. what is the most important aspect of ethics in research?
After reading chapter 4 I came to know that some of the crucial ethical elements that a researcher should undertake while conducting the research. Cheating and providing false information during the research process to respondents is not moral both in terms of ethical aspects and effectiveness of research findings. Researcher should regard the respondents as primary asset in the whole research process. So, I believe informing respondents with right thing and taking consent from them before asking personal opinion and ensuring confidentiality is appropriate ethical aspect in research.
2. provide a current event/news story that research participants is a key element.
National Institute of allergy and infectious diseases conducted the research regarding how effective the HIV drug is among HIV patients in USA. In this context the institute has the prime responsibility to ensure the confidentiality of the respondents. Consent should also be taken before, if patient is willing to give them yes to make some of their information public or not. Hence , if the respondent feel they are safe and their information collected won’t be used for false benefit, then they will provide the researcher with right information which will increase the effectiveness of the research.
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