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Define “indigenous” as it relates to religion in our textbook.
Which definition of religion described in our text is most meaningful to you and why? Discuss why religion is useful in society. Explain why it is important for you personally to understand the beliefs of other religious groups.

Hello Everyone
                         “UNDERSTANDING RELIGIONS AND INDIGENOUS SACRED WAYS” Please Respond to the Following:
              I think Indigenous is defined as where you were raised so as it relates to religion it would mean if you were raised Christian or Muslim. The spirituality part of religion means a lot to me although I do believe in Jesus Christ but am very spiritual. I think religion is useful in society because, people must have something or someone to believe in so they have hope and faith. I also think it is very important for me to understand beliefs of other religious groups, because I do not want to judge someones religion if I don’t know any information about the religion, we should learn about the person religion before you form an opinion.

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