discussion and assignment 28 – My Nursing Experts

discussion and assignment 28 – My Nursing Experts


For this week’s Discussion, select a product or service brand with which you are familiar.
Prepare the following:

A brief description of the product or service brand you chose.
A description of the target market for the product or service you have selected. Explain the impact of defining the target market on the promotion plan.
An examination of the concept of promotion blends. Does the brand you chose make use of promotion blends? If so, describe the promotional blends used. If not, propose your ideas for how promotional blends could be used successfully to promote the brand and why. Use examples to support your assessment.
An explanation of how technology or digital media may be utilized to develop an effective message to the target group you have identified in a blended promotion plan. Explain why the technology or digital media made the message about the chosen product or service brand more effective.


For this week’s Application, select three organizations that you have seen advertised (select at least one service and one product among the three organizations). For each of the organizations, review its website, specifically focusing on the digital media used to market its products or services.
Prepare a paper using APA style that addresses the following:

Explain how these organizations make use of digital media to represent their brand to specific segments of the market. Describe the symbols each of these organizations employs.
Provide an explanation of the intended messages the symbols convey to potential buyers. Use specific, direct evidence and examples to support the assessment.
Explain how the symbols being used in the digital media attract or align with the targeted segments. Your analysis may find that the symbols do not align with the targeted segment; if so, be sure to explain why.

Guidance on Assignment Length: Your paper will typically be 2–3 pages in length (1 to 2 pages if single spaced) (excluding title pages and reference).
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