discussion 1956

discussion 1956

Answer those questions:

When it comes to the Olympic games, where do you find yourself getting the most information from? Newspapers, Television, online/social media?
Do you find it important to cheer on your country during the Olympic games or is it “just another sporting event”.
When it comes to the Olympic games, do you find yourself only watching your country or do you watch other countries play?
Do you think it’s possible to be too patriotic towards your country?
Do you think players who play in a different country in which they were born should have to represent that country in the Olympic games?
When the Olympic games come around, do you find yourself watching a sport that you would normally not watch? (Archery, Rowing, Shooting, Fencing)
Do you think nationalism is a bad thing? Why or why not?
Should media outlets refrain from televising nationalistic messages during the Olympics?
Besides the Olympics, what other examples of nationalism are evident in sports?

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