Discussion 1 The Art of Persuasion Scenario: You are a budding entrepreneur with a great idea and…

Discussion 1 

The Art of Persuasion

Scenario: You are a budding entrepreneur with a great idea and you want to pitch it on the TV show, “Shark Tank.” Your product or service should be something the Sharks want to sink their teeth into. Draft a 1-2 minute pitch of your idea, using one of the techniques described in the Weekly Materials. Your pitch should contain a brief non-confidential description of your business product or service, explain any differentiating advantages, and end with a call to action. Then discuss the persuasive technique(s) you used and why you chose them.

NOTE: For those who have not watched the “Shark Tank” TV show, check it out here: Sample Shark Tank Pitches


Weekly materials to use for this discussion: some not all… Creating your Strategic Pitch The Importance of a Persuasive Presentation 7 Steps to Master the Art of Persuasion 7 Tips to Run Effective Virtual Team Meetings The Science of Persuasion

Discussion 2 

Crisis Communication Reflection

Find a current event, within the last year, that involved a crisis or scandal. Give a brief synopsis of the company and the issue, and then answer the questions below: What was the company’s communication approach to the crisis? Do you feel the company’s communication approach was effective? Why or why not? What would you have done the same and what would you have done differently?

Discussion 3 

Productive Conflict

Reflecting on your professional experience, describe a time when there was damaging conflict on a team of which you were a member. This conflict may have been suppressed, so not directly addressed, or it may have surfaced in a way that was destructive to team effectiveness.

Applying material from this week, the Internet and/or Library research, explain how the conflict could have been better managed by the team and team leader. Consider how your conflict management style, as revealed by the TKI Assessment, played a part in this situation.

NOTE: Please complete your TKI Assessment prior to submitting your initial response.

My TKI assessment is attached as well.

Discussion 4

 Lateral Leadership

What opportunities for lateral leadership exist in your current professional role?

After watching this week’s videos and reviewing the course materials, consider how you would improve your approach to getting support for your initiatives in situations where you don’t have management authority.

  Ashkenas, R.: How Great Leaders Ask Great Questions




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