Discuss To Design Queries.

Complete 1 page APA formatted article: To Design Queries. For instance, I selected all the fields from the three tables. Then, I went ahead and put down California under the criteria section.
As for the second query, I choose the VC data table as my preferred choice of data for my query. By following the same procedure as in query 1, I choose the query design from the create query menu. Then I went ahead and choose the violent robbery field from the table. I also choose the city table where I put down the states of Ohio and California on the criteria section. This enabled the query to only look for data in these two states only. Finally, I selected the totals from a design query, which allowed me to select which option I would like to compute. This included the sum, standard deviation, maximum and minimum totals under the group by drop-down menu.
For the third query, I used the city and property crime data tables. I selected the create query that set up a query design process. I then linked the two tables together and proceeded on selecting all the fields from the property crime table and the cities from the city data table. However, under the cities, I put down the letters R and S for the criteria and or rows on the query. This then brought the desired results.
Finally, in the fourth query, I incorporated all the tables provided to come up with the results. First, I selected the design query from creating the menu and selected all the tables. I then proceeded to select all the required fields. In choosing the city, the state, the property crime, and violent crime.
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