Discuss the manner by which the Samsung Gear VR was launched in foreign markets in terms of the various methods noted in the text? Describe the various strategies related to the market entry, product features, product pricing, distribution channels, and marketing communications employed to market the Samsung Gear VR to various targets in the global marketplace and the reason for employing those strategies.

What are the differences between LOCAL and GLOBAL marketing for the Samsung Gear VR and Samsungs product(s)?

If the other products of Samsung are not marketed globally, what strategies (STP) and marketing programs (4Ps) would you recommend to use to market these other products in foreign markets?In what facets of marketing strategy and marketing programs do you see the greatest differences between how products are marketed LOCALLY and GLOBALLY?Why are these differences important?

What ethical issues are associated with the marketing of the Samsung Gear VR in foreign markets and how do you believe they are being addressed?

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