Discuss the key leaders and historical events that have influenced the advancement of nursing, nursing education, and nursing roles that are now part of the contemporary nursing profession.

Nursing Practice has evolved significantly over time. From roles to uniforms, every aspect of the nursing profession has changed all along, keeping the idea of service and healing to improve the care given to those we serve. We can trace the origins of nursing back to the 1800s, and several key leaders have contributed to advances in our profession. Historical events like wars and pandemics, advances in technology, and science have changed our practice. The historical event that led to the foundation of nursing was the Crimean War. According to GCU sources, nursing was an undesirable job before the Crimean war. Nurses gained the respect of the public as a result of their contributions during the war. Nurses improved sanitary conditions as many wounded soldiers died because of diseases related to filthy conditions. The work of these early nurses gave the nursing profession the respect it so long deserved.We have seen the formation of several specialties over the years. An example of such specialty is that of hospice care. Working in an acute care facility, I have seen many patients with incurable conditions that have been suffering for too long. It is of great relief for me to see these patients enter into hospice care, knowing their pain and symptoms will be better managed. One notable key leader who transformed care given to terminally ill patients was Florence Wald. According to the Journal of Professional Nursing, the work of Florence Wald led to the opening of the first hospice program in 1971 (Adams, 2016). Hospice programs deliver better care of the terminally ill with emphasis on comfort and connecting with loved loves. Like Florence, several key leaders have led to the formation of specialties and expanded nursing roles to improve patients’ care across various healthcare settings, including a patient’s home.This is a discussion section. Needs 200-250 words with two references
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