Discuss steps in conducting evaluations

1. The director of the healthcare facility where you work has just received notice from the Ministry of Health (MOH) that they will be conducting economic evaluations on a multitude of facilities and specializations.
2. Your organization was chosen as part of this initiative.
3. The MOH has indicated that the ministry will be conducting training sessions related to economic expectations, however, your manager wants to be proactive and has asked you for assistance in addressing the problem in advance.
explain the entire economic evaluation process.
include the types of economic evaluations,
the methodology and steps behind conducting evaluations,
and the main issues related to the process.
Be sure to discuss the following:
1. The economic evaluation process
2. Types of economic evaluations
3. Methodology
4. Steps in conducting evaluations
5. Main issues related to the evaluation process
4 pages not including cover and reference pages
APA style
In text citation of 7 recent studies
Helpful reference:
Haghparast-Bidgoli, H., Kiadaliri, A. A., & Skordis-Worrall, J. (2014). Do economic evaluation
studies inform effective healthcare resource allocation in Iran? A critical review of the
literature. Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation : C/E, 12, 15.
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