discuss how you plan to utilize this new skill going forward Management Questions help

1.  From the list provided below, choose one (1) theory or concept that was new to you, and discuss how you plan to utilize this new skill going forward. Justify why it is an important skill to have. 
Creating a Sense Of Urgency
Communication the Vision of Change
Creating a Guiding Coalition
Sustaining Change
Assessing Change Readiness
Understanding the Impact of Organizational Culture on Change
Creating Short-term Wins
Empowering People to Act
2.  Read the article attached titled â€œTen Best Practices for Restructuring the Organization”. Next, evaluate your current organization, one in which you are interested, or one with which you are familiar. Select three (3) of the ten (10) proposed strategies you believe are most relevant to the organization, and explain why you selected those three (3).
3.  Please respond to one (1) of the following:
Read the article titled â€œMultilevel Readiness to Organizational Change: A Conceptual Approach”. Give your opinion on which two (2) means of diagnosing change are most relevant to today’s organizations. What is meant by the term “readiness”?
Review the case study attached entitled â€œCharles Chocolates”. Next, evaluate the organization and its industry in terms external and internal pressures. Create a proposal about how the company can overcome internal and external pressure.

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