Discuss Explain and evaluate Bebe’s teleological argument for the existence of God

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Explain and evaluate Bebe’s teleological argument for the existence of God. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. He was one of the proponents of intelligent design supporting the existence of God, Behe initially supported the scientific theory, however after studying Evolution by Michael Denton changed his mind and started to question the evolution theory. He later came to believe the availability of evidence at biomedical level. He believed there were system irreducibly complex. He argued that such system could not even by any rule, have evolved by natural selection as proposed by Charles Darwin. He believed that very intelligent designer must have created such systems. He believed that only intelligent designer could give the only possible explanations for the complicated structures. His logic was similar with other proponents such as the William Paley of 1802 who gave the proof of the existence of the divine creator. He defended his argument through opening the direct experimental rebuttal. He made his thought clear by giving illustration by bacterial flagellum which he claimed to be irreducibly complex therefore required an intelligent designer. His other side is that the flagellum cannot be produced through natural selection operating on random mutation or other unclear process. To falsify his claim he demanded a scientist to go to the laboratory and place a bacterial species without flagellum under selective pressure to grow for ten thousand generation and watch if the flagellum produced. He further said if that could happen then he be neatly be disapproved.
To obtain the triumph enjoyed by Darwinism he brought out many observational facts into the coherent framework appealing to people view of the surrounding. He used the illustrations of how people see through the eye organ. He argued that in 19 century, the anatomy of the eye was well known, and all the complicated ways the eye employ to function by delivering accurate picture. Therefore, to lose the eye was so serious.
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