Discuss : Avoiding Global Change in the Earths Climate.

Complete 8 pages APA formatted article: Avoiding Global Change in the Earths Climate. Simultaneously, we will live in the same world if people stop improving modern computers’ performance or searching for the cure for deadly diseases (Lewis). Hence, finding a new primary energy source for humankind is the chat current generation’s challenges). Only An only fraction of the energy of the Sun that reaches our planet can potentially satisfy “all our power needs” (“Solar Power”). Scientists are on the verge of coming up with technological advances that will allow people to get most of the energy they need from this rich source (Lewis). Hence, to avoid irreversible climate change, people have to finance the way we source energy and reduce carbon emissions as much as possible. Since carbon dioxide builds up in the atmosphere, developed countries are more responsible for the current high carbon dioxide content in the air than the developing ones. Advances in technology allowed rich countries to cut the release of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere drastically, and now low states are releasing more than the industrialized ones (Romani, Ridge, and Stern, 4). Therefore, international negotiations are a suitable framework for finding the sources of the financing mentioned above. For more than two decades, the parties have been meeting under the aegis of the United Nations. So far, the discussion’s focus has been “the allocation of future Green House Gas emissions and the distribution of the associated costs” (Hedahl). Unfortunately, the negotiations have bogged down. Since human society has limited time to avoid irrevocable changes in the climate, it is high time for parties to find a better focal point for the discussion. They understand how devastating these changes shed light on the importance of avoiding global climate change.
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