Discuss aircraft systems: principle of operation and use of weather radar.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on aircraft systems: principle of operation and use of weather radar. High-intensity lighting systems apply in situations where there is fog, mist, and blowing snow discouraging safe landing.
For the safe operational landing of commercial aircraft, an approaching aircraft gets guidance by the instrument of landing. This operation relates to the modulation of depth comparisons. Many recent aircraft use Autopilot systems to locate signals from these beams. The instrument of landing in most airports consists of a Glideslope and localizer. A localizer measures the difference in depth of modulation. Measurement of this depth relates to diverse pairs of directional antennas. A localizer refers to an array of antennas located beyond the point of departure of the airport. It provides lateral guidance to aircraft. Typically the system consists of two signals transmitted on one instrument landing system. One of the signal modulations is at 150Hz and 40Hz.
The signal is transmission comes from co-located antennas where each transmission comes from a narrow beam of signals. In every operational landing, the depth of modulation is 20 percent while the difference between the two signals varies in relation to the angle of deviation of approaching aircraft from the centreline. A Glideslope, on the other hand, provides vertical guidance for pilots. A glide slope refers to antennas situated on one side of the runways. These antennas provide signals similar to that of a localizer. The system of the glideslope antenna provides a systematic arrangement of the glide path at approximately 3° above the landing area (Nolan, 2010). A pilot uses the gliding slope in ensuring that the aircraft remains above the obstruction for a safe touchdown.
Commercial aircrafts flight system consists of multifunctional systems, flight displays, crew-alerting systems, and engine display systems.
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