Dimensions of Diversity – nursing writers

Dimensions of Diversity – nursing writers

(1)  Dimensions of Diversity
For years, the term diversity has been associated with specific parameters such as race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, etc. It is important that we continue to understand those dimensions of diversity to evolve our conversation to more global aspects of our cultural selves. The graphic (click to enlarge) illustrates many dimensions of diversity that you may or may not have thought about.
For your initial discussion post think of diversity in all of its dimensions and discuss the concept of “difference.” What does it mean to be “different”? How do you determine who or what is different? Be sure to address the following:

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1. In your family (extended, or otherwise), community, and workplace, what dimensions do you think of when you think someone is “different” than you? Do you focus on different dimensions depending on those three contexts?
2. Of those dimensions you think of, which can be changed and which cannot be changed?
3. Of those dimensions you think of, which are visible and which are non-visible? What are the advantages and disadvantages to having non-visible dimensions of diversity rather than visible ones?
Your initial discussion post should be at least 300 words (about three paragraphs).
Initial Post Checklist:
· Did you use scholarly resources to support your work?
· Did you discuss each area in the instruction and Grading Rubric?
· Did you use APA?
(2)  My Cultural Self
Who we are today is in large part defined by our cultures, societal connections, customs, and morals we learned as children. In our life journey we continually redefine our identities as we encounter more experiences and more people.
For this discussion post, discuss the concept of “culture.” Include the following:
1. How would you define “culture”? Discuss all the various ways you can consider culture (personal, geographic, organizational, etc.).
2. With which cultures do you most identify? What are the internal and external characteristics of your culture(s)?
3. What cultural norms did you learn as a child? What stereotypes are connected to those cultures?
Your initial discussion post should be at least 300 words (about three paragraphs).
Initial Post Checklist:
· Did you use scholarly resources to support your work?
· Did you discuss each area in the instruction and Grading Rubric?
· Did you use APA?
Required Text
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