digital citizenship assignment

Public Service Announcement Description: For this assignment, you will plan a public service announcement (PSA) on an important issue of Digital Citizenship. Some suggested topics: cyberbullying, digital etiquette, or the proper use of social media risk and rewards.
Direction: Your PSA will be presented in storyboarding form. Storyboarding is an important skill in movie making and animation. For this assignment, you are invited to use a free tool – StoryboardThat, or PowerPoint or another storyboarding tool of your choice. Include a written description of the PSA. Your written description should identify your target audience, message, call to action, and significance of the issue to the public.
The message is clear and concise and all required elements are woven together with creativity and imagination
The ideas presented show an understanding of the target audience and the PSA is one that will motivate change in a meaningful way
The facts are accurate and verifiable
Follow up information is provided to direct the audience to additional information
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