Developing and refining a research question

Perform a literature review on one of the studies below and discuss findings:
1. Rates of hand washing by CNAs on a nursing unit
2. Rate of self-turning by patients on a unit (how many times per hour are patients turning themselves
Develop two research questions that may be relevant based on the literature review.
Instructions: 150-word minimum/250-word maximum not including references. Minimum of 2 references aside from textbook  must have been published within last 5 years.
 The Research Question 
Presents the idea that will be studied. Also called the problem statement
Research questions focus on: 
Describing variables
Specifying the population being studied
Examining testable relationships among variables
The hypothesis attempts to answer the research question
Research Questions Should:
˜Define specific question area
˜Reflect a review of the literature
˜Identify the potential significance to nursing
˜Reflect the feasibility of studying the research question

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