developing a change plan step 4 communicating the change vision

To complete Step 4 in your Change Plan, compose a cohesive document that addresses the following:

Develop an 8- to 10-slide PowerPoint presentation that you would present to your guiding coalition and other key stakeholders about your strategy to communicate the change vision. Your PowerPoint should include the following:

Title slide (1 slide)
Introductory slide (1 slide)
Body slides (4–6 slides)

Explain your overall strategy for communicating your change vision.

Outline the steps you will take to ensure the change vision is communicated to all stakeholders.
Outline the steps you will take to reinforce the change vision after the initial communication.
How can your guiding coalition and other stakeholders help share the change vision and create a positive attitude toward the change?
Analyze the techniques stakeholders can use to help others buy-in to the vision. Outline the specific steps you or others can take to create buy-in and bring stakeholders onboard.

Develop an analogy or metaphor that describes your vision. From this analogy or metaphor, develop a brief motto or slogan that would help individuals stay focused on the change.
Explain how you would use the community or organizational networks and values to spread your message.

Conclusion slide (1 slide)
Reference slide (1 slide)

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