Develop a PowerPoint presentation that includes the followin…

Develop a PowerPoint presentation that includes the following criteria: Slide 1: Title Page. Slide 2: SBIRT overview – Describe the history of SBIRT, the SBIRT process and how it is used in clinical practice settings using US research articles. Slide 3: Case Presentation – Do not include patient identifying information but include demographics i.e. age, gender, race/ethnicity, chief complaint, social history, family psychiatric history, psychiatric history, and risk factors. Slide 4: Screening Tool used – Describe the screening tool, validity (sensitivity and specificity), scoring information, and citation. Your patient’s score and the interpretation of the patient’s score are required. Slide 5: Brief Intervention – How was the Motivational Interviewing process applied and shared your client’s score and need for behavioral changes. Slide 6: Referral for Treatment – Describe the referral for follow-up treatment plan. Include the name, address and telephone number of the local large organization. Be specific with the department where necessary. Slide 7: Evaluation of the process – Share the patient’s outcome and your evaluation of the SBIRT process. Slide 8: References -5 references. 7th Edition APA 7 format. Include Screening Tool authors. Plagiarism Free Papers
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