Despite a lack of evidence to support that learning styles c…

Initial Post:  Despite a lack of evidence to support that learning styles correlate with learning outcomes, current educational discourse maintains that teachers should assess student learning styles and incorporate teaching methods and materials to address them all. In your initial post, comment on your reactions to the article and video below.  If learning styles do not significantly affect learning outcomes, how might this information still be useful to both students and educators in other ways?  Share an article from a peer reviewed journal that talks about how cultural and social factors have influenced the development of learning style inventories and/or how these influences might skew the student’s results.
Learning StylesLinks to an external site.

Learning Styles

The Biggest Myth In Education – YouTubeLinks to an external site.

Discussion Rubric
Criteria Ratings Points
This criterion is linked to
a Learning Outcome
Content/ Comprehension
20 to >15.0 pts
Post demonstrates depth
of understanding of
course content; Addresses
discussion prompt
completely; offers clear
point of view and detail
15 to >10.0 pts
Post demonstrates adequate
depth of understanding, but
does not address all of
discussion prompt; point of
view is somewhat unclear
and detail is limited
10 to >0 pts
Needs Improvement
Post does not
demonstrate depth of
understanding of
course content;
Discussion prompt is
minimally addressed;
Point of view is
unclear and detail is
This criterion is linked to
a Learning Outcome
Engagement/ Classroom
Interaction (One to two
response posts, please
refer to the week’s
discussion for specific
20 to >14.0 pts
Submits required number
of response posts;
Responses extend the
discussion by making
connections, relating to
others’ ideas and adding
supporting detail
14 to >9.0 pts
Submits required number
or response posts; Some
connections are made with
relevant explanation and
9 to >0 pts
Needs Improvement
Responses are not
submitted; Responses
are generic, limited, do
not extend the
discussion or add
This criterion is linked to
a Learning Outcome
10 pts
Submits initial post by
4 pts
Submits initial post one to
three days late(after
0 pts
Needs Improvement
Submits initial post 4
days late(after
This criterion is linked to
a Learning Outcome
10 to >8.0 pts
Posts have 0-1 spelling or
grammatical errors;
Properly cites work in
APA format where
8 to >5.0 pts
Posts have 2-3 spelling or
grammatical errors; Cites
work in APA format where
required with few errors
5 to >0 pts
Needs Improvement
Posts have 3 or more
spelling or
grammatical errors;
Does not cite work
where required
Total Points 60 Plagiarism Free Papers
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